Celebrating Ba-Bee

With this being our third baby bundle we were very unsure if we would or even should have a baby shower celebrating the new baby. It’s funny with the first, it was absolute, all things baby, and that meant showers and parties! And then when we got pregnant with our son, it was opposite sex, so everyone threw us a shower cause everything we had before was all pinks and purples…but this time around, after having one of each and such, we just were unsure of having a shower. Honestly, we had just set our minds on celebrating baby AFTER he/she was here. But….my friend had other plans in mind…

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She had noticed different ones were asking about our shower and I was telling them we just were not going to have one. So she cam to me and asked about throwing us a shower, I explained my feelings about it all and her response was “Every baby deserves to be celebrated!”. So she began planning and about a week later all her secretive/suggestive comments had me DYING to know what she was up too!! She held a little “meeting” to go over the plans and was I ever so excited!

We celebrated baby #3 in such style and fun! I had such a blast and it has made us even MORE excited to meet and welcome this beautiful baby! We have NO idea who you are going to BEE, but we are over the moon to introduce you to all these people that we hold so dear to our hearts. You may still be growing but you are already so very loved.


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