Our New Home: Forsythia Farm

Hey y’all!! If you know who I am then you are very aware that I’m not totally “new” to the blogging world! For the past few years I was an off and on writer on my former page “A Stitch of Kate” as years have passed and we moved into a new home, and as our family expanded and has grown, I decided it made more sense for my blog to do the same!!

For those who are new to my page, Welcome!  My name is Kate! Im a WAHM mom to 3 beautiful children that keep me wild and free, and wife to my amazing and fun husband, Jerry! We live in the south and LOVE it!! We have been raising our children in springs and dirt!  Our favorite meal is a mud pie!! (haha, Just kidding…where’s my sweet tea…) And I have a huge love for animals, making a house a home, and DIY/Crafter!

Honestly, we are just your normal crazy family who love to share our crazy, making memories and adventures!! I can’t wait to connect with so many other readers and writers, so please be sure to introduce and share your pages and blogs with me in the comments!

Thanks for stoppin’! Come back sometime, ya hear?!,


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